Weight Loss

Weight Loss Clinics Leicester UK

Is this how you feel when you get on the scales? Or perhaps you haven’t weighed yourself in a very long time, can’t be that bad… can it??

Discover how hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you ditch the diets – and lose weight safely, successfully and permanently.

My hypnosis weight loss plan is devised in conjunction with TV’s Steve Miller, the popular host of Sky Tv’s show Fat Families, where he successfully motivated whole families to lose weight and live a healthier life style.

On my three session plan you will learn that you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. You can eat as much as you like, of the foods that won’t make you fat. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is so successful as it gives you control back, over food. No longer will it control you, no longer will you be a slave to the cake trolley or a sweet fiend, no more worrying about what you can eat or worrying what you can’t eat. And certainly, no more hang ups over ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. You will be able to happily say, ‘No thank you’ to the Dessert Menu.

Sharon has been on the programme for two weeks and is already down a whole dress size! This time next week you could already be lbs lighter. Why wait any longer, what have you got to lose, except lbs!!

Do you have a small piece of chocolate then give in and have the whole box? Thinking, ‘Oh i’ve been bad now I might as well have it all’ then out comes the cake, crisps and wine? How do feel after you’ve eaten all of that? Absolutely terrible. We’ve all been there and done that havent we?

Losing weight isn’t about putting yourself in denial of all tasty treats and it’s not about what you cannot eat. My approach won’t have you counting any calories or points, drinking shakes or endless gym sessions. It’s about eating healthily the majority of the time, doing some activity for health, keeping you slim, fit and sexy, for life.

See how my hypnotherapy for weight loss programme can help you today, see my website and Facebook page for more information and testimonials.

The Hypnosis for Weight Loss programme is £85 per session, and is usually three sessions in total. This includes your assessment, hypnosis, handouts, CD’s and full support. The first assessment session lasts around 1.5 hours, thereafter appointments take one hour.

Call 07731 531 561 or email leicstherapy@gmail.com. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon and starting you on your weight loss journey. Shelly 🙂

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