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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Procedure

Hypnosis Health Clinic Leics UK; Dubai UAE

I get a lot of queries about the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy, it is a very effective procedure and the results gained thorough an entirely natural and safe process can be staggering.

A lot of inquirers tell me that they have been considering going in for the real operation as they think they ‘have tried every diet under the sun’ to no avail, but whilst researching gastric band surgery luckily have come across my information and have got in touch for more information.

Another common theme is that a lot of these ladies and gents do not have that much weight to lose. I mean, I know we have our BMI guidelines, weight/height/body type ratios but a lot of you just want to be able to fit in a decent size pair of jeans or a pretty dress again. But in sheer desperation are now considering going in for a very costly, very high risk operation. Is that you?

The danger with weight loss surgery is that as long as you have the money (thousands of pounds), you can be in tomorrow getting cut open and having bits of you removed or modified. Does your stomach make you eat, or is it your mind? Most weight gain is down to mindless eating and drinking, comfort eating or self soothing. Just because you have half your stomach removed won’t make your cravings any less, in fact it is reported it makes them even stronger as you become more willful in ways to still ingest calorific foods.

Another symptom of bariatric surgery that patients have recorded is an increased level of alcohol consumption. This is a direct result of trying to fulfill your emotional needs from an external substance, be that food or alcohol (Can a gastric band make you an alcoholic?) the emotional patterns and cycles continue, and you are still not happy – or slimmer.

Whether you meet the criteria for the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy or not, weight loss by hypnosis is achievable for everyone. The first part of the work is we look at your lifestyle, emotions and feelings around food, and I work with you to give YOU the CONTROL back. Get your control back over food so you can become the size and shape you want to be, once and for all.

Yes it will require will power, yes you will have to change your food and eating habits, yes you will have to do some exercise or activity. What you won’t get is any ‘fad’ advice, diet plans, food replacements, regiments or a depressing carb free existence to not look forward to (carbs are necessary for good serotonin production overnight so it IS recommended that you can eat them, even at night).

There is nothing more satisfying to see someone let go of all that ‘diet’ baggage and simply make healthier choices because that’s what they actually want to do. To say ‘no thank you’ to a piece of cake or dessert and not feel secretly gutted about it. How would you rather feel? Happy with your healthier choice and losing weight or constantly worrying about what you can eat next?

I am not saying you can never again eat chocolate or have pizza, instead you will have the power and control to think, that you just don’t want it TODAY.

I have some great clients and they keep inspiring which inturn makes me inspire you, one of my ladies had her surgery consultation in Spring (she only had around 3 stone to lose) luckily got in touch with me before the operation and is currently 2 st 7 lbs lighter and hasn’t touched a sweet/chocolate/cake/biscuit (her vices) since. All whilst cooking and eating the same as the rest of the family, going on holiday, working, socialising – all the things that we have to do every day/week/month and year.

I have also worked with ladies for whom unfortunately gastric band surgery hasn’t gone to plan and have been in immense danger which is unbelievably sad and frightening, I will cover more about this in another future post.

You want to be slim fit and healthy, you want to get into that pair of jeans again, you want to wear that little dress in the party season, see what hypnotherapy for weight loss can do for you. As long as you are ready to make the change, hypnotherapy will help you achive your goals.

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries via email, Facebook or Twitter @Hypno_Health let’s get you on the right track to becoming slim and healthy easily, once and for all.

Shelly Dar

  • MBACP – Counsellor Psychotherapist
  • GQHP – Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner
  • Oxford Dip; Nutritionist
  • BUPA – Registered Mental Health Network

Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

Hypnosis Health Clinic Leics UK. Dubai UAE

What oils do you use to cook with? Vegetable oils, Olive oils, butter or ghee? Different oils have many different properties and you absolutely need fats and oils in your body for good health – particularly if you are trying to loose weight.

Vegetable oils have no place in your diet, its highly processed and you will find this in abundance in your cakes, biscuits, sweets and crisps. Real Olive oil is very beneficial for good heart health and is best consumed as a drizzle, heating it can change it’s molecular structure so you lose the benefits.

Butter is ok to eat. There, I said it. What do you think is better for you, a completely dairy natural product with no additives or a tub of trans-fat lardiness that will NEVER ROT. EVER. That’s right, leave a tub of margarine or low fat spread out in the kitchen and it will stay exactly the same. You could even leave it out in the garden for years and not a bird, animal or insect will touch it. What do you think that’s doing to your insides?

A lot of people use those 1 kcal spray oils, take a look at the ingredients in these things. If you must, please use sparingly and rarely. Having tried to cook (unsuccessfully) various ways without oil, minimal oil, oil replacements and ‘steam frying in water’ I am thankful to have discovered the wonder of cooking with coconut oil. So beneficial for you, you can eat it by the spoonful.

For the science part, take a look at this article by the Huffington Post and get yourself fit and healthy with Coconut Oil in your cooking.

Diet Saboteurs – Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, it looks fairly innocent doesn’t it, after all, if you’re having a healthy salad with a dollop on top how bad can it be?

Often when I am speaking to my clients they are baffled as to why they seem to be putting on weight when ‘I only had a salad’ is the mantra! Salads are great any time of the year, in sunny climes its just what you want and in the colder months there are many hot tasty salads that you can have without the stodge factor.

What you’re putting on top of your salads in the form of dressings could be your down fall. It is well documented that some take away salads available contain more fat and calories than if you’d gone for the burger! Home made salad and foods is always the best option. You want your food with as minimal processing as possible, that way you can be assured of only health benefits not health ailments.

Mayonnaise – This is essentially oil. Imagine a whole jar of mayonnaise right in front of you, now see up to 80% of the jar just filled with oil. It won’t even be healthy Olive Oil, but plain old artery clogging vegetable oil. Now plop a few raw eggs on top, add some sugar, salt and bingo you have a ‘tasty’ fat filled dressing. All the good work you are doing undone just like that.

  • 15ml mayonnaise = 100 calories and a whopping 11g of fat

Lets face it, who stops at one spoonful of mayo? A few good tablespoons of it later and before you know it you’ve added up to 400 calories and nearly 45 grams of fat to your healthy meal. You might as well of had a fry up for your calories and fat.

Commercially produced mayonnaise and other cream/salad dressing are manufactured on a huge scale. Once made it will sit around in packaging, boxing, warehouses, store rooms, back of the cupboards for an age before it lands on your plate. They do not want this stuff to go off so it is packed full of sugar, salt, chemicals and preservatives which again are completely unhealthy for you.

Sugar and salt are commonly used as ‘fillers’ as they help to preserve the  food item and they are cheap to use. You know already that this is not a good sign and a topic I will cover in further detail in another post. Chemicals will not give you a healthy body, they are chemical and cause an imbalance in your system. This prevents your body from functionally optimally as it has all these chemicals and toxins to deal with.

Low fat options are even worse, they have to add the flavour somehow – there’s a chemical for that! There are lots of ways you can add flavour without compromising your health. For dressings experiment with different salad vinegars, fresh lemon juice or a dash of healing olive oil. If you need something creamy try low-fat yogurt or fromage frais, I promise it will look just as good, taste even better and you will reap the benefits.

If you would like to discover how my hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you in Leicester UK or Dubai UAE please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. You can also post on my Facebook wall any comments, queries or feedback.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon, Shelly 🙂

Do You Feel Hungry All The Time?

5 ways to turn off your hunger switch

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Leicester Therapy Centre

What if curbing your appetite were as easy as turning off the lights? It is when you use your brain – not your stomach – to feel full.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your cake, eat it too – and still lose weight? You can as long as your brain is getting the message that you’re satisfied after a few delicious bites. The trouble happens when your brain doesn’t get the “I’m full” message and tells your body it’s still hungry. Sure, there’s always will power. But when you’re fighting your brain chemistry, it’s never a fair fight.

Research reveals that it’s your brain—not your stomach—that is Command Central for weight management. “It’s the single most exciting breakthrough in weight management in the last 10-plus years, and yet, no one is talking about it,” says Doug Kalman, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.C.N., director of the Phase I Clinical Research unit of Miami Research Associates, a research site that’s been part of some of the biggest health breakthroughs in the past 25 years.

After years of seeing less than satisfying results with gut-based diet systems, scientists started looking at the brain for answers. The breakthrough came when researchers finally discovered that the brain uses a type of messaging system – think of it as “texting”- to determine when and what to eat, and when you’re hungry and when you’re not.

“This understanding of what was always considered a very complex science now allows people to take a simple approach to weight management that doesn’t ask them to change their lifestyle,” says Kalman. “It’s something everyone can do.” When used in tandem with smart eating and exercise, bolstering your personal will power with a brain that’s also on board can boost weight-loss goals big time. Here are five simple strategies to help you get started!

1 Fill Up on Fibre and Water
Fibre and water trigger feelings of fullness and reduce hunger by sending a “YOU’RE FULL!” text to the brain. In fact, researchers at Penn State found that when people consumed a small or moderate amount of a fibre-rich liquid 15 minutes before a meal, it markedly reduced caloric intake (by 20%).

Have a cup of clear soup with veggies 15 minutes before a meal. No time to prepare soup? Drink a fibre supplement stirred into a glass of water for a similar effect.

2 Get a Good Night’s Sleep
People who get inadequate sleep, that is, six hours or less per night, have increased amounts of the hormone ghrelin when they wake up the next morning, says Christopher Nolte, M.D., a neurologist who holds certifications from both The American Board of Sleep Medicine and The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Think of ghrelin as the text that the stomach sends to the brain, saying it needs food. “When the brain gets the message, it texts back, ‘OK, let’s eat,’ and you typically go looking for carbs,” says Nolte. “The reality is, you don’t need to eat carbs right then, despite what your brain is telling you.”

 “Allow yourself seven hours or  more of sleep,” says Nolte. And when you get the carb cravings, have water or a cup of green tea instead.

3 Punch Up Your Polyphenols
Green teas, along with other polyphenol rich foods (most notably those with high levels of two types of polyphenols—anthocyanins and stilbenes) have been shown to be very good at turning off the hunger switch. Stilbenes are found in grapes, blueberries and cranberries. The best-known stilbene is the anti-ageing compound resveratrol, most notably found in red grapes and red wine. Anthocyanins are present in popular superfruits such as acai berries, bilberries and blueberries. In a study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that purified berry anthocyanins normalized the fat levels in mice that were fed a high-fat diet. Scientists attribute this effect to the ability of anthocyanins to assist cells in burning energy, inducing satiety and, ultimately, turning off the hunger switch.

Increase your intake of green tea and berries.

4 Don’t Buy These 
Some ingredients turn on your hunger switch, so it pays to read labels. Some of the worst offenders: high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and palmitic acid (the main fat in palm oil, palm kernel oil and a saturated fat in beef). These troublemakers stop the hormones leptin and insulin, two of the brain’s most important “hunger messengers,” from reaching Command Central. When leptin and insulin are blocked from the brain, the brain tells you to keep eating, which can mean the difference between having a few chips and eating half the bag. In fact, in a study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas found that palmitic acid’s ability to block leptin and insulin was so great that it may accelerate both obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Avoid processed foods which may contain these offenders and choose whole, fresh, unadulterated foods. Shop the perimeter of your supermarket, where the least processed foods are found. Reduce your intake of beef and opt for “grass-fed” beef, which naturally contains less of the problematic saturated fat.

5 Power up Your Protein
While increasing your consumption of protein can satiate your appetite, one of protein’s building blocks, namely the amino acid tyrosine works as a neurotransmitter, speeding up messages to the brain that turn off the desire for food. That means with tyrosine, whether in food or supplements, cravings end faster and fewer calories are consumed.

In addition, protein will turn off your hunger switch to a greater extent than carbohydrates or fat, so replacing some carbs with protein may help to reduce your overall caloric intake. Eat a minimum of 20g of protein at each main meal.

Healthy Lunch Idea, Quick, Easy and Nutritious

Leicester Therapy Centre

Perfect for lunch or a healthy, light snack, Couscous Salad.

I don’t know about you but when I’m on the go and try and get a light lunch, the options are either too celery stick boring or creamy smothered pasta. I’m often asked what to eat for lunch, and whilst trying to keep an eye on calories and not compromise on flavour or quantity, this couscous salad is ideal.

It’s super easy to make, add in all your favourite ingredients with no weighing, fussing or messing about. The couscous provides a good source of low fat complex carbohydrates and whole grain. This salad is full of vibrant vitamins and minerals, perfect for good health benefits and for those who are watching their weight.

To prepare, tip about 200g of couscous into a bowl (with a lid) add whatever seasonings you like, I’ve got mixed herbs, pinch of sea salt and ground pepper. You can even use a stock cube or seasoning blends like Ras Al Hanout. Cover with boiling water so there’s about 2mm water above the couscous, quick stir and put the lid on.

Chop up whatever salad and veggies you like, I’ve used orange pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn. To make it a balanced meal add some protein, in this case I’m using low fat feta cheese. You can add chicken or whatever you fancy (make sure all fat is removed from meat) By the time that’s all chopped up and you’ve put the rubbish away (5-10 mins) Fluff up the couscous, add your salad/veg’s and you’re done!

This makes enough for at least 4 servings, its filling and very calorie light so perfect for a quick snack too. It keeps well for a few hours if you’re on your travels so don’t get caught out and think ‘ Ooh there’s a McDonalds’ The variations are endless, roasted veggies, chick peas/beans, different herbs and flavourings..

Do let me know if you like it, and what did you add to yours? Shelly 🙂

Hypnosis Health Dubai Launches Oct 2012

Hypnosis Health Dubai

I’m very pleased to announce that Hypnosis Health Dubai launches October 2012 at the prestigious Holistic Institute at Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai UAE.

All counselling and hypnotherapy services will be available to you, please email any advance queries to leicstherapy@gmail.com Skype calls are available too.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Shelly