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Never too late to give up smoking – even after 60 years!

I’m so pleased that my good friend and client has sucessfully given up smoking, she had been smoking for 60 years!

She started smoking when she was 14 years old, in those days she tells me that smoking was considered highly sophisticated for women and even good for you, completely different to what we now know.

Unbelievably, all it took was one session of Hypnosis to kick the smoking habit for good. Quitting smoking is easy with Hypnotherapy, and when you see the drastic improvements to your life and health you’ll wish you did it sooner.

The damage that smoking causes to your body is horrible, and your secondhand smoke can also cause problems for everybody else too. Within the first 24 hours of stopping smoking your body will have already began to heal itself and you will be completely nicotine free in 3 days.

If you’d like to kick the habit, please get in touch to see how quickly and easily you can give up smoking once and for all. Hypnotherapy has the most success rate of all other methods in quitting smoking, lets make that change together.

The Dangers of Smoking Whilst Pregnant

What do you think about this picture?

Do you think she is ok smoking whilst heavily pregnant or is it acceptable to you?

If you are a mum, or know someone who has been pregnant, the initial feeling of joyousness and a new life growing inside you usually kicks in your inbuilt maternal instinct and you instantly never want to have a cigarette again.

For some people, this desire to stop doesn’t kick in and despite their baby’s best interests, they will continue to smoke throughout the pregnancy. Even if you cut down, that is better than sticking to the number that you were used to having.

It is a very big excuse to say that it will do more harm than good to stop now, as the body shock to the system in stopping ect blah blah, is just that, blah blah. As as ex smoker, I know from first hand experience smokers justify their smoking behaviour to the nth degree, and will continue to smoke if that is their wish despite any circumstance.

What are your reasons to smoke?

  • It helps me relax
  • I do it when stressed
  • I do it when socialising
  • I smoke when im happy
  • I smoke when im sad
  • I smoke when im bored
  • I’m addicted to cigarettes
  • ect ect ect ect

Whether you are pregnant or not, the reasons you do smoke, the reasons you justify you smoke, are all one and the same, happy/sad, socialising/bored it doesn’t make sense! You smoke when ever you want to, and are quite happy doing so thank you very much!


If you are pregnant and want to use Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking for good, give me a call to see how I can help you quit, quickly easily and all in one session.

Pregnant mums receive 25% off my Smoking Cessation programme, call now to free yourself from your smoking trap.

Freephone 0800 612 8159

The Lungs

  • When you smoke, or inhale other people’s secondhand smoke, the smoke goes into your lungs.
  • Chemicals from the smoke, such as carbon monoxide, are then absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • Some of the oxygen in your blood is replaced by carbon monoxide.
  • This means that the oxygen supply to your baby may be restricted.

The Heart 

  • When you smoke you inhale over 4,000 chemicals from the cigarette. One of these is a dangerous chemical called carbon monoxide, which gets into your bloodstream.
  • This restricts the oxygen that’s essential for your baby’s healthy growth and development, and because cigarettes restrict their oxygen supply, their tiny heart has to beat harder every time you smoke.

During Birth

  • Smoking can cause a greater risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.
  • Your baby is more likely to be born prematurely and with a low birth weight.

See NHS website for more Smoking Cessation related information.

*Offer* National No Smoking Day March 14th 2012

With less than two weeks to go for Britain’s national No Smoking Day, have you thought about giving up?

Perhaps someone in your family is a smoker, your mum or partner, do you wish them to stop? For their health benefits or for yours, it’s never too late!

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is one of the quickest, easiest and most successful ways to finally quit smoking once and for all. It out performs all other methods to stop smoking and the body starts to repair itself within 12 hours of you quitting, with 72 hours all traces of nicotine have left your body!

If you wish to become fitter, healthier, smell better, look better, what ever your reason to stop smoking is, do it now, as it’s never too late and you’ll never regret it.

*Offer* For the whole of March 2012, I would be delighted to offer you the chance to Stop Smoking for good with a 25% reduction in price for stop smoking hypnosis in Leicestershire. You pay £150 for a one off session, where you will finally kick the habit, quickly, easily and for good.

Do you realise, if you are a 20 a day smoker, you could be spending up to £225 a month on cigarettes alone?! Take advantage of this offer now and safe yourself nearly £3000 a year, let alone your health.

Call free phone 0800 612 8159 now to make your appointment.

Wishing you good health, Shelly