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Stop Emotional Eating

Doughnut in Danger

Stop Emotional Eating with Hypnotherapy

Keep food and emotions apart with the Stop Emotional Eating Hypnosis

The need for sustenance, for food, is the most elemental need we are aware of, the first need we are aware of. Because it plays such a primal role in our lives, it can sometimes ‘stand in’ for other, quite different, needs we have. Like our need for love. Or challenge. Or meaning.

The Stop Emotional Eating Hypnotherapy programme was developed to help people who have got caught in the trap of feeding their emotions with food instead of with appropriate action.

We need to recognise and acknowledge the difficulty that emotional eaters have when they try to break this pattern with will-power alone. Emotional eating is not a conscious, deliberate choice. It operates at the unconscious level, and this is where it must be addressed.

Does this sound familiar to you? Break the pattern now and make immediate change to your health and well being.

Call or email for more info. Shelly ūüôā

What to expect on your first therapy session


Counselling and Hypnotherapy Leicester

Many people take some time before they will consider contacting someone to get help in their private life.¬†You could feel¬†intimidated¬†by the prospect of opening up to someone¬†and admitting to oneself that there is a problem isn’t easy either.

The first step to overcome this is having the insight that there is an issue and it CAN be dealt with, there can be some comfort in this step alone. How bad do things have to get before you can feel better?

Some people visit at crisis point, eg stress or phobia related whilst others have a gentle meander and come along when they know they are absolutely ready to tackle the issue once and for all e.g. to stop smoking.

The overall important factor is the best outcome can only be achieved when you are 100% ready to make the necessary changes in your life. Counselling will help with emotional issues, release concerns and combined with hypnosis can help you to move on in your life, happily, healthily, successfully.

The first session usually comprises of a 60-90 minutes consultation 60-90 where you can tell me about what’s¬†happening in your life and where you want to go with it.¬†¬†Depending on¬†how you feel¬†a hypnotherapy session is also offered to provide experience of the process and also some comfort as needed.

From this initial session I can then customize your therapy according to your specific needs, and you will have my full support outside of the sessions to keep me updated on how you are doing. You no longer have to fear being alone or having no one to turn to.

So if you feel the need to speak to some one independently and privately and you think counselling and hypnotherapy may help then please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help put your mind at ease.

Contact – 07731 531 561

Email – leicstherapy@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you, Shelly

Teach Yourself Self-Hypnosis

Leicester Therapy Centre 

Self Hypnosis is a useful tool to help you achieve clarity of thought and deep relaxation. Whatever state we are in, by inducing deep relaxation the body and mind simply cannot be in any other state, ie anxious. It enable stress hormones to subside and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts.

Unlike meditation, we often use affirmations as part of self-hypnosis to manage stress and build self-confidence. Affirmations are the positive statements (based on rational thinking) that we make to ourselves to counter stress and unpleasant thoughts.

Self hypnosis can easily be used to continue the work that you have had with your hypnotherapist. By re visiting the therapeutic work that you have done together, you are deepening the new neurological pathways in your brain that become stronger the more you re visit them, creating a new behaviour that becomes a well worn path in the brain. Re visit it often enough and the mind reprogrammes itself to behave in the new way to old responses. E.G. If you previously were afraid in certain situations your mind is well programmed to automatically respond in the old panicky way.

By creating a new way of thinking and acting upon it, the mind will also act differently, now responding with calm and confidence. Each time you practice the new positive behaviour you will reinforce your new positive way of thinking.

This can be done many times and something I teach my clients to help them to help themselves in the future,¬†in all areas of their life. ¬†It’s very personal and as you know how you truly feel you can tailor it to exactly your needs.

How to Hypnotise Yourself

First, decide if you want to use affirmations as part of your self-hypnosis session (you will still be able to relax deeply if you do not use them). If you do, then prepare the affirmations you want to use before you start the session, as you will not want to think about them once you have reached a state of deep relaxation!

Next, find somewhere comfortable and quiet, and sit down. Now, relax your body. A good way of doing this is to close your eyes and imagine waves of relaxation running down your body from your scalp downwards, washing out stress. Let the waves run in time with your breathing, first washing down over your head, then your neck, then your torso, then arms, and finally your legs. Feel the muscles in your body relaxing as the waves of relaxation wash over them.

The next step is to use suggestion to deepen the state of relaxation. This can be as simple as saying something like: ‚ÄúI am feeling relaxed and comfortable to yourself. With every breath I am becoming more relaxed and more comfortable‚Ķ” Alternatively, use the traditional approach of suggesting sleepiness: “I am tired and sleepy. I can feel the heaviness in my arms and legs. I am more and more tired‚Ķ”

Once you feel completely relaxed, use the affirmations you have prepared. Mix these in with the relaxation suggestions. Typical self-hypnosis sessions can last between 15 and 25 minutes; however, they can last for as long as you like.

Here are some ideas for positive affirmations;

  • I have completely discarded any thoughts of failure that I used to have.
  • I have no unnecessary fear of failure.
  • I have no unnecessary anxiety about things I want to do.
  • I find it easy to discard negative thoughts and attitudes about myself.
  • I always think of myself in a totally positive way.
  • I expect to succeed because I am a naturally successful person.
  • I work hard to succeed and I will succeed because I deserve to succeed.

Why not try self-hypnosis today and see what it can do for you?

Cat Person? Dog Person? Or Arrgghhh Person?

It’s said that most people are either cat lovers or dog lovers, who doesn’t enjoy taking your pooch¬†out for¬†walks on a glorious morning or cosying up on the sofa with a contented cat purring away in enjoyment.

But there are quite a few people who suffer from

Ailurophobia – the fear of cats

Cynophobia – the fear of dogs

This fear can develop suddenly without an actual incident to provoke it, or it can be a result of an unfortunate incident from a past time. You can also indirectly pass on phobias to your children. Were either of your parents afraid of something that you are now afraid of too?

In any case, these feelings can mature over time from a harmless fear into a phobia. Where the sufferer imagines scenarios involving the fear, in this case cats or dogs, and imagines themself to be in a perceived negative state¬†with the object of fear e.g ‘The dog in the park is going to bite me’¬†This event actually hasn’t ever happened, but by now the belief is so strong, the sufferer believes it to be true.

Having¬†fears and¬†phobias of any kind is debilitating and it can have a huge impact on your life and lifestyle. Dictating what you do, where you do it and who with. It can upset family life, it puts pressure on other people particularly partners and children to adapt their lives accordingly to deal with your phobia. This adaptation from everyone else further strengthens your belief that your fear is real, it’s got to be real if other people understand it, right?

Do you know someone who won’t go on holiday because they are scared of flying? So this means the partner and children¬†can’t go abroad on holiday too. Are you in a trap that you wish to escape from?

Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias is an effective way of dealing with your fears. My client has held onto an irrational fear of animals like cats and dog’s for over 35 years, so much so, her mind and body didn’t know any different and would instantly begin to panic when ever these animals were around.

Today, I am so pleased, after just a few sessions she has just sent me a picture of her stroking a dog!! This is fantastic news, such an achievement!!  The relief, the freedom of the sheer weight of this anxiety and phobia she has been carrying almost all her life, has now fell away and she can move on in her life!!

What is your story? Do you have a fear, anxiety or phobia that is preventing you from living life to your fullest potential? Lets see how I can help you at The Leicester Therapy Centre to enable you to release these fears and move on in your life.

Please call freephone 0800 612 8159 or email leicstherapy@gmail.com to start your new life, today. Shelly ūüôā

What is your Phobia?

Whats your Phobia?

There are four classifications of phobias

  1. Animal or Insect – this includes all types of animals or insects
  2. Blood, Injection and Injury Рthis phobia includes fear of injections to the fear of any medical procedure that is invasive.
  3. Situation phobias Рthis covers phobias that come about as a result of having to do something or having to be in a specific place e.g. fear of flying. The most common situation phobias are claustrophobia and agoraphobia.
  4. Miscellaneous phobias – this covers phobias that do fit into any of the above categories e.g. fear of clowns

Hypnotherapy for phobias helps to bring the fear under control, and allows you to face your fears in a relaxed and calm way. Hypnotherapy helps to put your fears into perspective.

This means you will be able to deal calmly in everyday situations with whatever you are phobic about.

If you feel you have a phobia and you would like to be free¬† from it, once and for all, why not give me call and see what Hypnotherapy for phobias in Leicester, can do for you today. Shelly ūüôā

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