Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Is this how you feel?Leicester Therapy Centre

Is this how you feel? Tired, angry, emotional and stressed?

The majority of us went back to work this week, for some its a blessed relief to get away from the family and get back into some kind of normal routine. The Christmas period can be an immensely stressful time of  for many families, how was it for you?

When you keep stressful and anxious feelings hidden, over days, weeks, months and years they can fester inside you and show themselves in other ways. Constantly putting the body in an anxious mode produces the stress hormone cortisol which is proven to hamper weight loss amongst other things.

Do you wonder why you drink so much coffee? Eat chocolate, snacks, have too much alcohol? It’s all down to stressful and anxious feelings which we try to self soothe ourselves with whatever takes our fancy.

When I see new clients for weight control, almost always the real issue is something else that is going on in their life. Unless you feel right in yourself first, you will not be able to tackle things like weight or smoking no matter how much you want to. Some people can change for a while, but then why do diets yoyo, why do smokers start up again? It’s all to do with stress and anxiety.

When the anxious feelings become too much, this can induce a panic attack. A really scary thing to go through. Anyone who suffers from panic attacks will tell you the main fear is worrying when the next panic attack will kick in. Imagine that?

‘Liberated living is not the absence of fear.. but the absence of fear of fear’

Hypnosis can help with panic attacks, anxiety, stress and your fears. With your unconscious mind we work to in input new ways of being for you, helping you to move on and live your life, being able to manage stress better, not absorbing to your detrimental effect.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight, stop smoking and reduce stress in your life, please feel free to get in touch

Email leicstherapy@gmail.com

Freephone 0800 612 8159

Look forward to hearing from you, Shelly

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