Know Your Nuts

Leicester Therapy Centre

There is a lot of talk about eating nuts and seeds as a healthy snack, and quite right too.

A good variety of raw nuts like almonds, pecans, macadamia and brazil nuts in your diet add many health benefits giving you a whole host of powerful vitamins, minerals and fats, essential for your good health.

Nuts and seeds contain heart healthy fats which maintain the normal structure of every cell in our body. The problem with nuts and weight loss is when we eat too much of them. A small handful of raw sunflower seeds can be 150 cals, have that twice a day for a week and you have added 2100 calories into your diet which will impact your weight loss goals.

Incorporate them into your meal planning and if necessary measure out your portions in advance. I know it’s all to easy to scoff a good few anything before you get to the actual portion part. Have say around 20g of mixed nuts with an apple as one of your daily snacks and you will see how it diminshes hunger pangs  as well as giving you important protein based energy.

Try it for a week instead of your usual snack and see how you get on.

Shelly 🙂

4 responses to “Know Your Nuts

  1. You have inspired me Shelly! I’m gonna give nuts a go! I am a hypnotherapist and have been helping people think and feel better since 2008. The thing is I’ve not looked after myself as well as I have looked after others.
    I might have to hypnotise myself out of hating the feeling of nuts stuck in my teeth! 😉

    • Hi thanks for your comments! I know what you mean it can be that we let ourselves go a little in helping others, but we know how to bring it back. I’ve found one good habit leads to another, so by eating nuts, you have rightly pointed out that they get stuck in your teeth so it leads to another good habit, flossing and mouthwash! Enjoy 🙂

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