Hypnosis Health Testimonial – Thank You

Hypnosis Health Clinics Leicester UK; Dubai UAE

‘To the uninitiated, hypnosis may be seen simply as a stage act that embarrasses the participant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Relaxing in Shelly’s peaceful therapy room listening to her voice gently guiding and educating is an incredible experience.

The process is person centred, with written explanations provided at the start of the therapeutic relationship, and a CD of relaxation exercises provided as part of the process.

During hypnosis sessions reassurance is given to ensure that one really does feel safe and able to fully relax.

Did hypnosis help me? Yes, most definitely. I feel more relaxed than I have for some time. The phobia for which I underwent therapy has become more manageable and I find myself more in control of anxious thoughts than seemed possible before treatment started.

The wider effects of this have made travelling (my problem area) easier for the whole family.

Would I recommend hypnosis? The answer has to be ‘yes’ It’s safe, medication free, and liberating. Do I cluck like a chicken – No!

Thank you SH for sharing 🙂

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