Hypno-Band Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Clinics; Leicester UK.

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Meet yummy mummy Amy, she can’t stop smiling as she has just lost another 7 lbs – and she has just come back from her holidays! Amy has lost an incredible 18 lbs (1 st 4 lbs) in just six weeks.

Amy is a stay at home mum, running after two small children all day and has achieved these incredible results easily, making use of the time she has and without a fancy gym subscription, calorie counting or complicated menu systems. Amy is well on track to her target weight, she looks great and literally cannot stop smiling.

One of her old vices was snacking on biscuits, being at home most of the day meant she could do this. She cannot believe herself that she hasn’t touched a single biscuit in over a month, she just hasn’t wanted one!

Amy had the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy  in Leicester clinic and from day one the pounds have been falling off. Just today she has told me she has lost another two pounds in the last week and has had to buy new, smaller size clothes already.

Well done Amy! More fab pictures of Amy to follow soon.

3 responses to “Hypno-Band Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Clinics; Leicester UK.

  1. Hi I highly recommend anybody thinking of having a hypno band to go for it,its the best thing I’ve ever done. I have tried all different diets in the past with poor results but then I heard about the hypno band and I’ve lost well over a stone in 6weeks. I feel so much better and healthier in myself already and I’m seeing the results in my clothes which are too big!!! Also you get ongoing help and support throughout so your not alone.

    • Thanks Amy, you have done exceptionally well and I am so pleased for you. You’ve lost 18 lbs in just 6 weeks so far, not much more to go girl! I can’t wait to see you in the next few months, I’m sure I won’t recognise you with all that weight loss! Keep up the good work and remember I am always here for you. Shelly xx

  2. Well done Amy. This is also testament to the great practitioner that is working with you. Long may your success continue its great to see more people benefiting from virtual gastric band hypnotherapy.

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