Hypnotherapy for Deep Relaxation

Hypnosis Health Clinics Leicester UK; Dubai UAE

Kay is a senior air hostess for BA and came to see me as she has problems struggling to relax due to being in different time zones each week. Kay loves her job and inevitably whilst not particularly suffering from jet lag the travelling can catch up with her.

When she has a few days off and would like to catch up on her sleep, her body is not responding and she feels like she is trying to sleep ‘on demand’ I have covered the debilitating effects the lack of sleep can have on my blog here and you know yourself, if you have a broken nights sleep it can have an adverse affect on you the next day in so many ways.

Kay needed to ensure she is fully functioning and alert when at work and we have been working together in helping her reduce her stress levels and allow her to sleep fully and peacefully, whether she is away, taking a break at work or back home in her own bed.

Kay is now sleeping fitfully and comfortably and this in turn is making sure she has a better productive day whatever she is doing. With my Hypnosis for Sleep programme you too can learn how to relax your mind and body and fall asleep naturally each night, awakening comfortably refreshed and revitalised.

Call me Freephone UK 0800 612 8159 to find out more, UAE Skype calls by request. Email leicstherapy@gmail.com

How well do you sleep each night and what effect does it have on you the next day? Look forward to hearing from you, Shelly.

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