How Well Do You Sleep?

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How well do you sleep? Some people need a full 8 hours, others can get by on 4-6 hours a night.

Without a good nights sleep, or if you suffer from Insomnia where you rarely sleep, you know that awful  feeling of exhaustion when it’s time to get up. That terrible fatigued feeling, being irritable and tired. Furthermore, without enough regular sleep you can lose your concentration and jeopardise yourself when driving or at work.

People who don’t tend to sleep a lot usually drink a lot of coffee, a stimulant which creates more anxiety in the body and brings along its own set of side effects that your mind and body has to deal with. If your anxious and tired, you won’t be eating very well, can’t be bothered to cook something healthy so might as well grab that burger and chips as its easiest and quick.

So now you’re tired, irritable, wired from the coffee, feeling sluggish and run down from the greasy burger and fatty chips, and this constant pattern can repeat itself daily, increasing your weight as you go. When you are asleep, the body releases hormones that regulate your appetite amongst other things and repairs itself from the days activities. If you do not sleep enough this cannot happen and your weight will suffer.

Whilst you are awake, feeling tired, irritable and stressed through lack of sleep, in this state the body will produce the stress hormone cortisol, which again will prevent you from managing your weight. Sleep is vital for good health and well being.

If you are someone who is very active at the gym, doing lots of cardio work, strength training and sports, good sleep is vital to help your body to repair itself and become stronger, fitter and faster.

Some people simply cannot sleep as they just can’t switch their minds off. This could be down to real worries about life, family, relationships, whatever the reason is, as humans we cannot function at our optimal best mentally or physically without enough sleep.

Lack of sleep can be debilitating to a persons mood, energy levels and lifestyle. When using hypnosis for relaxation and I teach the body it is ok to relax and allow yourself to sleep. The Egyptians used Sleep Temples, they valued the power of sleep so much and the same has been understood through all time.

With my Hypnosis to Help You Sleep session, we will work together at looking at your sleep routines and how you can improve them. In one session you will have a firm plan of how to induce your own sleep, finally giving you freedom from all insomniac anxiety. My techniques have been passed down from ancient Chinese medicine and have been further studied and approved by Sleep Specialists in the modern world.

Imagine the blissful feeling of waking from a blissful, unbroken nights sleep? Leaving you free to tackle the day ahead, full of clarity, confidence, strength and ability to achieve your goals. Call me now to see how hypnotherapy in Leicester can help you sleep better now, making you better for tomorrow.

Look forward to hearing from you, Shelly 🙂

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