Diet Saboteurs – Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, it looks fairly innocent doesn’t it, after all, if you’re having a healthy salad with a dollop on top how bad can it be?

Often when I am speaking to my clients they are baffled as to why they seem to be putting on weight when ‘I only had a salad’ is the mantra! Salads are great any time of the year, in sunny climes its just what you want and in the colder months there are many hot tasty salads that you can have without the stodge factor.

What you’re putting on top of your salads in the form of dressings could be your down fall. It is well documented that some take away salads available contain more fat and calories than if you’d gone for the burger! Home made salad and foods is always the best option. You want your food with as minimal processing as possible, that way you can be assured of only health benefits not health ailments.

Mayonnaise – This is essentially oil. Imagine a whole jar of mayonnaise right in front of you, now see up to 80% of the jar just filled with oil. It won’t even be healthy Olive Oil, but plain old artery clogging vegetable oil. Now plop a few raw eggs on top, add some sugar, salt and bingo you have a ‘tasty’ fat filled dressing. All the good work you are doing undone just like that.

  • 15ml mayonnaise = 100 calories and a whopping 11g of fat

Lets face it, who stops at one spoonful of mayo? A few good tablespoons of it later and before you know it you’ve added up to 400 calories and nearly 45 grams of fat to your healthy meal. You might as well of had a fry up for your calories and fat.

Commercially produced mayonnaise and other cream/salad dressing are manufactured on a huge scale. Once made it will sit around in packaging, boxing, warehouses, store rooms, back of the cupboards for an age before it lands on your plate. They do not want this stuff to go off so it is packed full of sugar, salt, chemicals and preservatives which again are completely unhealthy for you.

Sugar and salt are commonly used as ‘fillers’ as they help to preserve the  food item and they are cheap to use. You know already that this is not a good sign and a topic I will cover in further detail in another post. Chemicals will not give you a healthy body, they are chemical and cause an imbalance in your system. This prevents your body from functionally optimally as it has all these chemicals and toxins to deal with.

Low fat options are even worse, they have to add the flavour somehow – there’s a chemical for that! There are lots of ways you can add flavour without compromising your health. For dressings experiment with different salad vinegars, fresh lemon juice or a dash of healing olive oil. If you need something creamy try low-fat yogurt or fromage frais, I promise it will look just as good, taste even better and you will reap the benefits.

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