Healthy Lunch Idea, Quick, Easy and Nutritious

Leicester Therapy Centre

Perfect for lunch or a healthy, light snack, Couscous Salad.

I don’t know about you but when I’m on the go and try and get a light lunch, the options are either too celery stick boring or creamy smothered pasta. I’m often asked what to eat for lunch, and whilst trying to keep an eye on calories and not compromise on flavour or quantity, this couscous salad is ideal.

It’s super easy to make, add in all your favourite ingredients with no weighing, fussing or messing about. The couscous provides a good source of low fat complex carbohydrates and whole grain. This salad is full of vibrant vitamins and minerals, perfect for good health benefits and for those who are watching their weight.

To prepare, tip about 200g of couscous into a bowl (with a lid) add whatever seasonings you like, I’ve got mixed herbs, pinch of sea salt and ground pepper. You can even use a stock cube or seasoning blends like Ras Al Hanout. Cover with boiling water so there’s about 2mm water above the couscous, quick stir and put the lid on.

Chop up whatever salad and veggies you like, I’ve used orange pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn. To make it a balanced meal add some protein, in this case I’m using low fat feta cheese. You can add chicken or whatever you fancy (make sure all fat is removed from meat) By the time that’s all chopped up and you’ve put the rubbish away (5-10 mins) Fluff up the couscous, add your salad/veg’s and you’re done!

This makes enough for at least 4 servings, its filling and very calorie light so perfect for a quick snack too. It keeps well for a few hours if you’re on your travels so don’t get caught out and think ‘ Ooh there’s a McDonalds’ The variations are endless, roasted veggies, chick peas/beans, different herbs and flavourings..

Do let me know if you like it, and what did you add to yours? Shelly 🙂

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