Teach Yourself Self-Hypnosis

Leicester Therapy Centre 

Self Hypnosis is a useful tool to help you achieve clarity of thought and deep relaxation. Whatever state we are in, by inducing deep relaxation the body and mind simply cannot be in any other state, ie anxious. It enable stress hormones to subside and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts.

Unlike meditation, we often use affirmations as part of self-hypnosis to manage stress and build self-confidence. Affirmations are the positive statements (based on rational thinking) that we make to ourselves to counter stress and unpleasant thoughts.

Self hypnosis can easily be used to continue the work that you have had with your hypnotherapist. By re visiting the therapeutic work that you have done together, you are deepening the new neurological pathways in your brain that become stronger the more you re visit them, creating a new behaviour that becomes a well worn path in the brain. Re visit it often enough and the mind reprogrammes itself to behave in the new way to old responses. E.G. If you previously were afraid in certain situations your mind is well programmed to automatically respond in the old panicky way.

By creating a new way of thinking and acting upon it, the mind will also act differently, now responding with calm and confidence. Each time you practice the new positive behaviour you will reinforce your new positive way of thinking.

This can be done many times and something I teach my clients to help them to help themselves in the future, in all areas of their life.  It’s very personal and as you know how you truly feel you can tailor it to exactly your needs.

How to Hypnotise Yourself

First, decide if you want to use affirmations as part of your self-hypnosis session (you will still be able to relax deeply if you do not use them). If you do, then prepare the affirmations you want to use before you start the session, as you will not want to think about them once you have reached a state of deep relaxation!

Next, find somewhere comfortable and quiet, and sit down. Now, relax your body. A good way of doing this is to close your eyes and imagine waves of relaxation running down your body from your scalp downwards, washing out stress. Let the waves run in time with your breathing, first washing down over your head, then your neck, then your torso, then arms, and finally your legs. Feel the muscles in your body relaxing as the waves of relaxation wash over them.

The next step is to use suggestion to deepen the state of relaxation. This can be as simple as saying something like: “I am feeling relaxed and comfortable to yourself. With every breath I am becoming more relaxed and more comfortable…” Alternatively, use the traditional approach of suggesting sleepiness: “I am tired and sleepy. I can feel the heaviness in my arms and legs. I am more and more tired…”

Once you feel completely relaxed, use the affirmations you have prepared. Mix these in with the relaxation suggestions. Typical self-hypnosis sessions can last between 15 and 25 minutes; however, they can last for as long as you like.

Here are some ideas for positive affirmations;

  • I have completely discarded any thoughts of failure that I used to have.
  • I have no unnecessary fear of failure.
  • I have no unnecessary anxiety about things I want to do.
  • I find it easy to discard negative thoughts and attitudes about myself.
  • I always think of myself in a totally positive way.
  • I expect to succeed because I am a naturally successful person.
  • I work hard to succeed and I will succeed because I deserve to succeed.

Why not try self-hypnosis today and see what it can do for you?

One response to “Teach Yourself Self-Hypnosis

  1. This was a great way to teach my self to control one goal! It can be a great help to hypnotist my self to make it focus on losing weight!

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