Happy Easter!

Leicester Therapy Centre

So the kids are off school, you’ve been shopping and how can you resist all those beautifully packaged chocolate egg treats?! Ask any child what Easter is all about, can they tell you? Most of us would be hard pressed to remember the true origin of Easter but, really, it’s all about the CHOCOLATE!!

Yes it is perfectly acceptable to unwrap these glossy globes of chocolatey goodness all in the spirit of Easter, that’s what they’re there for! Cadbury’s starting pushing their gooey Creme Eggs straight after Christmas, I must admit I do like a nice Creme egg, who doesn’t?! But I haven’t had one. Yet.

Without being a kill joy, some Easter Eggs are better than others, so enjoy the Easter break and chose your treats carefully. Those pretty ribbon bedecked jewels hide a multitude of calories that you do not want to have hanging off your tummy and hips come the Summer!

  • Cadbury Roses Easter Egg 307g 1627 cals (just for the shell)
  • Flake Easter Egg 153g 811 cals (shell)
  • Dairy Milk Easter Egg 343g 1818 cals (shell)

Have a check on the calorie contents of your favourite eggs here or chose from the following for a sensible, sweet Easter treat that won’t have you full of regret the next day.

  • Cadbury Creme Egg 39g 180 cals
  • Malteasers Bunny 29g 157 cals
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs 3.3g each 16 cals

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If it helps, the US Food and Drug Administration allows chocolate products to contain an average of 60 insect fragments and one rodent hair per 100g. Euwww!

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