Lachanophobia -The Fear of Vegetables.

Leicester Therapy Centre

Lachanophobia – The Fear of Vegetables.

My client hadn’t eaten vegetables for many years, she had a particular aversion to them since childhood for no apparent reason, and this had developed into a phobia of vegetables into her adult life.

You might think, how can a fear of vegetables make much of a difference to your life? She wasn’t actually scared of them, she just could not stomach the thought of actually eating them. However this seemingly small imposition began developing into something bigger where it had an impact on her life. Her children would pick up on ‘Mummy’s not eating her veg’s so neither am I’ and she couldn’t remember the last time she sat and ate the same meal as her husband. She was also constantly cooking, different meals for the children, her husband and herself, this meant she was always tired, shopping and ultimately not eating healthily enough and the weight was creeping on.

Many people assume that phobias are based on some deep-seated trauma from your childhood, and believe that they have to dig deep and re live the traumatic incident before being able to move on their life. This is not necessarilly the case. There is no need to spend copiuos amounts of time searching for a reason that may not be there, these things can simply develop over a short period of recent time and can be dealt with just as easily.

When counselling my clients a worry that I allay immediately is that we don’t have to do any kind of digging, to avoid adding to the anxiousness that’s already there. These issue’s can easily be overcome with hypnotherapy, enabling you to have freedom from your fears, whatever they may be.

After just a couple of sessions, my client is eating green beans, leeks, carrots, even brussel sprouts! And is absolutely glowing with good health and vitality from the healthy nutrition. An even better result is that she has lost nearly half a stone! It’s wonderful to see my clients move on in their lives, with confidence and the ability to see, that you can achieve your goals.

If you have a phobia or anxiety that is debilitating your life, see what Hypnosis Health can do for you. Call me freephone 0800 612 8159 for a no obligation chat or email and I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon. Shelly 🙂

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