Summer, Summer Summer time . . .

It will soon officially be Summer 2012! the clocks go FORWARD Sunday 25th of March and from then on, hopefully we will be basking in warm temperatures and can make like Gisele with our sun-kissed glows. . . .

Or maybe not 😦

Dont despair,  now is the time to plan and prepare yourselves for the best Summer ever! Imagine yourself strolling confidently across the beach, looking slim, sexy and fit in nothing more than your Haviana’s and a golden glow? What do you mean this isn’t a nudist beach *shriek*

Ok, maybe you will be wearing a little more, how about those beautiful feather light summer dress’ with the tiniest shoulder straps from a fashionable boutique or a beautiful swimming costume or bikini, sipping a cocktail on the beach with friends and loved ones?

You can make this the best Summer ever, I will be launching my new easy Summer Weight Loss programme next week, where I will be helping you every step of the way, to reach your goals.

Until then, where’s that self tan . . .

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