What is your Phobia?

Whats your Phobia?

There are four classifications of phobias

  1. Animal or Insect – this includes all types of animals or insects
  2. Blood, Injection and Injury – this phobia includes fear of injections to the fear of any medical procedure that is invasive.
  3. Situation phobias – this covers phobias that come about as a result of having to do something or having to be in a specific place e.g. fear of flying. The most common situation phobias are claustrophobia and agoraphobia.
  4. Miscellaneous phobias – this covers phobias that do fit into any of the above categories e.g. fear of clowns

Hypnotherapy for phobias helps to bring the fear under control, and allows you to face your fears in a relaxed and calm way. Hypnotherapy helps to put your fears into perspective.

This means you will be able to deal calmly in everyday situations with whatever you are phobic about.

If you feel you have a phobia and you would like to be free  from it, once and for all, why not give me call and see what Hypnotherapy for phobias in Leicester, can do for you today. Shelly 🙂

Free phone 0800 612 8159

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