*Offer* National No Smoking Day March 14th 2012

With less than two weeks to go for Britain’s national No Smoking Day, have you thought about giving up?

Perhaps someone in your family is a smoker, your mum or partner, do you wish them to stop? For their health benefits or for yours, it’s never too late!

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking is one of the quickest, easiest and most successful ways to finally quit smoking once and for all. It out performs all other methods to stop smoking and the body starts to repair itself within 12 hours of you quitting, with 72 hours all traces of nicotine have left your body!

If you wish to become fitter, healthier, smell better, look better, what ever your reason to stop smoking is, do it now, as it’s never too late and you’ll never regret it.

*Offer* For the whole of March 2012, I would be delighted to offer you the chance to Stop Smoking for good with a 25% reduction in price for stop smoking hypnosis in Leicestershire. You pay £150 for a one off session, where you will finally kick the habit, quickly, easily and for good.

Do you realise, if you are a 20 a day smoker, you could be spending up to £225 a month on cigarettes alone?! Take advantage of this offer now and safe yourself nearly £3000 a year, let alone your health.

Call free phone 0800 612 8159 now to make your appointment.

Wishing you good health, Shelly

2 responses to “*Offer* National No Smoking Day March 14th 2012

  1. Ola! Leicesterhealth,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, There may be someone you considered to be a very good friend that gives you a horrifying reaction to your good news of quitting smoking and tries to re-addict you. Some people on their quest to stop smoking have several of these friends offering pro-smoking opinions as well as cigarettes.

    • Hello, thanks for commenting. You are absolutly right, the same goes for when you are trying to diet or give up any other habit that you might previously enjoyed sharing with friends. It means they have to face upto their own insecurities, and sadly, can try to sabotage your good efforts.

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